‘Brown Acres’ – New Book Chronicles City of LA’s Sewers

Sewers get a new level of respect in Anna Sklar’s in-depth look at the development of the City’s wastewater system. The book, called Brown Acres, is available from Angel City Press. Sklar is a former public affairs director inside the City’s Bureau Continue reading

More Water Softeners Coming Out of the Santa Clarita Valley

 The LACSD and Culligan Water Conditioning of Orange County have partnered to remove about 1,000 units by mid-2009. There is a problem with chlorides (salt) in local rivers and water softeners are a top source. Money quote: “As we work toward ridding Continue reading

Ideas For Saving Water, Including Reuse

In an LA Times op-ed environmental advocate Dorothy Green and writer Jamie Simons offer several straightforward, no-nonsense ideas for getting SoCal through a future of dwindling drinking water supplies, including this gem on water reuse… Thinking “yuck?” Consider this: The Continue reading