Report on the Southern Regional Safety Conference – A Winning Success

Marjorie presents the main door prize to Pat (OCSD) - an XBox 360!!!

Marjorie presents the main door prize to Pat (OCSD) - an XBox 360!!!

By Marjorie Boone,
Southern Regional Safety Conference-Chair

June 4th, 2009, Carson –  The Annual Southern Regional Safety Conference (SRSC) hosted by LABS, is the kind of event where CWEA declares “We care for our members”  and many, many agencies responded by sending employees – despite the economic times.  It was an amazing turnout – attendees traveling from across this great State. We had several people from many different vocations, including operators, collections workers, managers, directors, vendors and so on – who came together to share their dedication for compliance and employee safety.

The 2009 SRSC resoundingly strengthened this traditional safety event by offering a full range of solid technical content. As we talked with attendees, a theme emerged: they overwhelmingly got what they came for – a technical transfer of knowledge and interaction with fellow safety professionals, field personnel and managers with similar issues. Pat Carnahan of the Orange County Sanitation District was our lucky winner that got to take home the X-Box 360 door prize!

The Technical Sessions
The most popular session was the certification class on confined space presented by Tim Page-Bottorff  of JoshuaCasey. He provided an outstanding program for over half the attendees!  According to many people one presenter really stole the show – Mr. Monod De Frodeveille of CALOSHA delivered an outstanding lecture on “CAL-OSHA is here, WHAT NOW?” He reviewed employer rights and helped close the GAP between OSHA and YOU the employer – there’s simply one goal for both – getting the workforce home safely to their families.

The CalOSHA presentation - a very popular speaker. (credit: Marjorie Boone)

The CalOSHA presentation was a very popular speaker. (credit: Marjorie Boone)

The General Sessions
Other popular sessions included: “Traffic Control” by Sandra Valle of Traffic Management, Inc. and “Heat Illness” by Cari Elofson of JoshuaCasey. A dramatic and memorable presentation was given by Keith Anderson of JoshuaCasey regarding fall protection – “What is Competent Person.”

Long-time CWEA Safety presenter Steve Laren presented “Hazardous Energy Control Procedures” about lock-out/tag out procedures and the keynote speech of the evening was “behavioral safety” presented by John Kevin Cobb of Safestart – joining us all the way from Ontario, Canada. Thank you to all our speakers who graciously volunteered their time and expertise. Their presentations are on the LABS website at

The conference committee aimed to find new and updated topics, and, as expected, participants were happy to be part of the process and get firsthand information.  The CWEA Safety Conference Committee included Steve Laren-Past Chair, Tim Page-Bottorff-Chair and Marjorie Boone-1st year Director, and we would like to thank the LABS host committee that made this a wonderful experience including Patrick Griffith, Alec Mackie, Wendy Wert and Ian Mackenzie.  We also thank CWEA headquarters for their support.

Last but certainly not least a special thank you to the great support of our vendors without whom we couldn’t have put on this great event:  California Environmental Controls, CAVCOM; D&D Engineering; Haaker Equipment Co.; JoshuaCasey Corporate Traning; JWC Environmental; SANCON Engineering; Sewer Lock and West Coast Safety Supply. Exhibitors and the committee kindly donated over 20 door prizes – including shirts, restaurant gift certificates and a cordless drill donated by Sewer Lock! 

The vendor displays were popular including the D&D Engineering booth. (credit: Wendy Wert)

The vendor displays were popular including the D&D Engineering booth. (credit: Wendy Wert)

Final Thoughts
We welcome feedback and suggestions! Here’s to our next big Southern safety get-together – SRSC-2010! Sunny San Diego here we come!

Marjorie Boone is a 2nd year Director for SARBS, CWEA’s 1st Year Director Safety Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer of JoshuaCasey Corporate Training.

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