Would You Like Broadband Internet with that Sewer?

When a senior U.S. Senator referred to the internet as “a series of tubes” a couple years ago he was roundly criticized for misunderstanding the technology – never mind that some internet lines are called “fat pipes.”

It turns out in several UK towns the internet is a tube – or rather went down “the” tube.

Bournemouth, Dundee and Northampton are considering a proposal by H2O Networks to install fiber optic cables inside sewer pipes. The connections deliver 100 megabits per second to households – a blinding fast connection that could deliver movies and TV shows. Installing lines inside the sewers is one-third the cost of conventional wire routing.

Story here.

Money quote from The Times (UK):

Using the sewers is also, it says, far kinder to the environment than digging up the roads. The group leases space in the sewers from several water companies with whom it has struck deals, including Anglian Water and Scottish Water.

Knowing the trash that goes down sewer lines – it’s hard to imagine what the wire/pipeline combo will look like after a few years.

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