Tillman, LA River and the Birds

Sunday’s LA Times credits the Donald C. Tillman (DCT) and Los Angeles-Glendale (LAG) water reclaimation plants for a flourishing bird population along the LA River (both plants are City of LA).

The water is clean enough to reuse on landscaping, but there’s not enough pipeline infrastructure to get it to where it is needed – 99% of the flow goes right into the river according to the Times.  Experts say the City can draw more water without impacting the birds, as there is an overabundance of water. Imagine that in parched LA.

Money quote:

“It’s high-quality water. We could use some more customers,” said (Tillman) plant manager Hiddo Netto.

The Times also has a beautiful slideshow featuring the birds.

Alas, no mention of the recent nitrogen removal improvements at both facilities.

– Alec

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