Stormwater Survey Shows LA Enjoys Lower Average Rates

According to a national survey from Black & Veatch, Los Angeles residents pay an average monthly charge of $1.92 for stormwater treatment programs. Our neighbors way to the north in Oregon and Washington pay way more – in Portland the average monthly charge is $16.82. Here is the survey summary in PDF format.

Other interesting stats:

  • 8% of stormwater depts. are combined with the wastewater utility
  • Public education (97%) is the top program for protecting or improving stormwater, followed by erosion control (91%)and street sweeping (also 91%)
  • 58% have installed stomrwater treatment systems (such as vortex swirl concentrators)
  • 51% are undecided on whether these technologies will meet expectations
  • 81% believe sediments are the greatest concern

Alas, no mention of low-flow diversion programs such as the City of LA’s or the Santa Monica or Malibu stormwater treatment plants.

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