Awards Forms


The nomination forms for all LABS 2014 awards are the same as the forms used at the state level by
CWEA.  The 2014 Awards Nomination Forms are located at

The criteria for winning a LABS award are the same as winning the state level (CWEA) award.  The criteria for each award is located at: .

Instructions for applying for a LABS award:

1.  Applicants must use and submit this cover letter with all completed award nomination forms.  Other Formats will not be accepted.
Applicants must answer all questions that follow.  Submitted material will not be returned.

2.  Send completed awards nomination package to:
Hazen and Sawyer
1149 South Hill Street, Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Attention: Ian Mackenzie
emailed and faxed submittals will not be accepted.

3.  Send six copies of the completed nomination form.

4.  The nominator will be notified that the nomination form has been received.

5.  All nominations must be received or postmarked by November 21, 2014.

6.  Nominees will be contacted regarding interviews (if necessary) by November 28, 2014.

7.  LABS will send the application for the successful nominee (LABS Award Winner) to the CWEA for consideration in the state level competition.

8.  For questions contact Ian Mackenzie: