Past Presidents

LABS of CWEA Past Presidents

2015 1999 1979
C. Bryan Trussell Kris Brooks Ole Thompson
Trussell Technologies Marcab Co. LACSD
2014 1998 1978
Miluska Propersi Kris Flaig Jim Colbaugh
RMC Water and Environment City of Los Angeles Las Virgenes MWD
2013 1997 1977
Ian MacKenzie Stacey Stillwell Dave Ringel
Hazen and Sawyer Black & Veatch City of Los Angeles DWP
2012 1996 1976
Alec Mackie Mark Starr Rich Wunderlich
JWC Environmental City of Los Angeles LACSD
2011 1995 1975
Wendy Wert Michael Creel Jack Jacobs
LACSD LACSD City of Los Angeles DWP
2010 1994 1974
Pat McDaniel Henry Dove George Ohara
Biocope City of West Covina City of Los Angeles
2009 1993 1973
Hala Titus Harendra Mehta Hy Katz
Black & Veatch LACSD California Dept. Health
2008 1992 1972
Patrick Griffith Lou Giordano Richard Kuhns
LACSD Pacific Process Los Angeles Co. Engineer
2007 1991 1971
Pei-Chin Low James Clark Lloyd Hedenland
MWH Black & Veatch Las Virgenes MWD
2006 1990 1970
John Mays Robert Peak Lawrence Russel
City of Los Angeles Brown & Caldwell City of Los Angeles DWP
2005 1989 1969
Debra Bogdanoff William Ruff Ray Jellison
LACSD Las Virgenes MWD City of Los Angeles
2004 1988 1968
Connie Leonard David Greenwood George Callahan
CDM LACSD City of Los Angeles
2003 1985 1967
Jon Ganz Ken Ludwig Charles Carry
LACSD City of Los Angeles LACSD
2002 1984 1966
Kosta Kaporis Frances Janssen Robert King
City of Los Angeles LACSD City of Vernon
2001 1983 1965
Gino Rapagna David Olsen Herb Johnson
HDR J.M. Montgomery City of Los Angeles
2000 1982 1964
Mark Pettit Dave A. Badgley Robert Longacre
LACSD Cues Inc. City of Alhambra
1981 1963
Howard Rigdon Charles Imel
Consultant City of Los Angeles
1980 1962
Ron Young John Murphy
Irvine Ranch MWD City of Los Angeles