Presentations: 2010 CWEA Biosolids Conference (PDFs)

2010 CWEA Biosolids Conference – Understanding Future Regulatory Trends & Impacts on Biosolids Management

January 26, 2010
LACSD Conference Center, Whittier

January 27, 2010
San Francisco

(PDFs)  “The posted presentations are for the personal use of CWEA Biosolids Conference attendees. These presentations may not be reproduced without the authors written consent.”

  1. Opening Remarks – Part 503 – Jon Hay, Black & Veatch / Dave Bechtel, Lee & Ro, Southern Conference Hosts
  2. Agenda (North Conference)
  3. State General Order for Biosolids – Jarrod Ramsey-Lewis, SWRCB
  4. Biosolids Composting Rules – Ken Decio, Cal-Recycle (presented by Greg)
  5. Air Pollution Control Regulations – Layne Baroldi, Synagro
  6. Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies – Patrick Griffith, LACSD 
  7. Rialto Slurry Carb® Facility – Ray Kearney, Enertech
  8. IEUA Composting Facility – Jeff Ziengenbien, IEUA
  9. Ventura Regional Biosolids – Mark Lawler, VRSD
  10. City of Los Angeles TIRE Project – Omar Moghaddam, City of LA
  11. Biosolids to Energy – a Coalition Approach – Caroline Quinn, Delta Diablo SD (North conference)
  12. California’s First Design-Build Biosolids Thermal Dryer – Ruben Robles, Sacramento Regional County SD (North conference)
  13. SFPUC San Francisco Greasecycle – Todd Jordon, Carollo (North conference)


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