Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project Under Way


From damaged cars to flooded homes, residents in a large area surrounding Termino Avenue have been battling winter storm runoff waters for years.

Now, a major storm drain project is expected to alleviate flood prone areas in Belmont Heights, Alamitos Heights, Recreation Park and neighborhoods around Wilson High School.

The Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project, which consists of about 8,100 feet of underground piping, is designed to reduce flooding, filter trash and ultimately decrease the flow of polluted runoff water into Colorado Lagoon.

The project began last fall and is expected to take about two years to complete, with occasional street closures during construction. The main piping will stretch diagonally from Redondo Avenue and 12th Street all the way to Marine Stadium.

The $22.6 million public works project, funded by the city and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, utilizes a high-capacity main line and filters to block trash, grease and oil from flowing into catch basins. Its low-flow diversion system directs runoff away from coastal waters and into the sewer system.

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